ART 110

Wk9 – Activity – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

Hello everybody! I was really excited to do this activity because I got to cook. I rarely every cook… the closest to cooking I do is sticking things in the oven or putting boiling water in bowl ramen… So it was kind of fun and refreshing to cook using actual and fresh ingredients.

For this activity I cooked my favorite childhood dish: Vegan JAJANGMYEON… or black bean paste noodles.
It is a Korean style Chinese dish. I have never ever made this dish other than using instant packs from the Korean market. This time I bought actual ingredients and made it from scratch.
Usually this dish is made with pork but because I’m vegetarian I opted out of using meat. The ingredients for this dish is onions, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, vegetable oil, minced garlic, jajang noodles, water, and potato starch, and fermented black bean paste.
First what I did was cut all the vegetables into cubes and then stir fried them in vegetable oil and minced garlic.

After that you make the sauce with fermented black bean and potato starch and water until its a saucy kind of thickness and put it over the veggies after boiling them.
Next you want the boil the jajang noodles, which doesn’t really take that long. Rinse them with warm water and put the ingredients all together and mix and it’s ready to eat.

Of course add some side dishes!

I actually had a lot of fun with this. The most fun was buying the ingredients because I have never made this dish before. I asked a lot of the Korean mothers at the market if I had all the ingredients for jajangmyeon and they helped me so much.


Wk8 – Artist -Garry Winogrand

garry-winograndThis week’s artist of the week I focused on Garry Winogrand because he captured some memorable and famous photographs. He was a photographer that mainly took pictures in the New York area. He began his photography career as a freelance photo journalist. His pieces ended up being in the Museum of Modern Art.
I’ll be sharing some of his photographs that stood out and intrigued me.



I really liked this photograph by Winogrand because the woman he made the main subject. You can see the hustle and bustle life of New York city (I am guessing that that is where this photo is taken). This photo was part of his Women are Beautiful collection. She is wearing something fashionable and walking around the streets of New York, something I would want to do.

This is a photograph of the ever so famous Marilyn Monroe during the shooting of the Seven Year Itch. This is a really fun photograph that is very memorable especially since she was so big and popular during her time.


This is my favorite picture by Winogrand. This picture was taken in Los Angeles. I like how she is not looking at the camera and the wind is blowing her hair in the opposite direction. She looks very mysterious and modelesque.

These are only a few photographs by Garry Winogrand. He truly is an amazing photographer that captures emotions, feeling, and situations. He captured the life of the city, happiness and stress. His style of photography is an inspiration to many street photographers today.

Wk8 – Activity – Street Photography

ARRGG!!! This class is making me want to buy a nice professional camera… I mean the iPhone camera is okay, but I feel like I can get better photographs using a nice camera.

I went to Huntington Beach on a Friday to take pictures. There was a lot of people so I decided to take pictures of people… secretly…

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

This was my favorite picture because the father was taking pictures of his kids and his kids were running around and having a great time on the pier. I was trying to capture carefree and happiness.

FullSizeRender 11

This is my second picture that I took and she caught me in the act! But I like how she is looking at the camera and smiling. She was okay with me taking a picture of her. She is having fun and playing music and that is what I was trying to capture.

FullSizeRender 10

I took this picture not really trying to capture any kind of feeling, but as I analyzed the picture I noticed that not a single person is looking at my direction.


For my last picture, I’m recycling an old picture I took during the Japanese Garden sketching activity. I really just like this picture and I feel like I took it just at the right moment.

This activity was fun but I feel like I could have done a lot better if I had a proper camera and the time to go out and take pictures. This week was a busy work week for me so I did not have much time to go out and take pictures. Any who, this was a great activity and something I have never done before. I really enjoy taking pictures and capturing moments.


Wk7 – Artist – Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff is an artist that mainly uses sound and audio as her main art form. I thought that was so interesting because they only way I thought art was shown through audio was music. The way she uses audio and sound is very different and something I would never think of.

When researching her on the internet I found a lot of audio walks and pieces that she has made.
I enjoyed FOREST.

This is a six minute excerpt of the twenty-eight minute audio installation. I really enjoyed this audio installation because if you close your eyes you really do feel like you are in a forest. You feel like you are surrounded my wildlife and trees. It does sound a little creepy, especially with the laughter in the background, but this is a really great audio installation. I am going to be honest here and say I was a little… I guess you can say.. close minded? I did not understand how this could be an art form, but after watching these videos and listening to her audio installations I found out you can really immerse yourselves into her pieces. She lets you become a part of her journey as in this audio walk.

I really enjoyed this audio walk because Janet made it very personal. She was taking you around this train station and giving little pieces of herself along with it. She talked about how she liked that red coat and how trains have always frightened her. Her voice very mellow and soothing and they way she talks to you makes you feel very comfortable, and the sounds that are in the walk through are very fitting. Every single sound in that walk through felt like it belonged there. It is amazing how many details she has added in this walk through. She added the footsteps, the turning of the pages in the book, the old man talking, and the trains passing by. She puts a tremendous amount of work and effort into her audio installations and walk throughs it is amazing.

The Forty Part Motet is another audio installation that also wowed me. There are forty different singers on forty different channels reproduced on forty different speakers. It sounds very angelic as a whole, but when you listen to them individually it sounds very fragile and human. I would love to experience this audio installation in person. It sounds very heavenly and beautiful.

I came into researching Janet Cardiff very close minded, but after looking at her work and realizing how much time and effort is put into her work I found that I really enjoy and appreciate her art. She is one of my favorite artists of the week because her work really does effect you emotionally. I never thought that audio installations would have a huge impact on me, but her work is seriously very intriguing. I am glad that she was our artist of the week because it was really interesting learning about her.

Wk7 – Activity – Art Museum

This week’s activity was going to an Art Museum. I have been to many art museums all around the world and I really enjoy observing and appreciating artworks. For this activity I went to the Broad Museum in Downtown LA. I got to meet up our professor and Layla! I wish more ART 110 students came but I understand that a lot of people are busy this summer. We went on a Wednesday so the stand-by line was not horrific like it would be on the weekends. We got in within an hour it was not that bad.

I saw a lot of pieces that intrigued me, but for the sake of this assignment, I am only go to compare two different art pieces.

I’m going to be comparing Cy Twombly’s Untitled [Rome] and Jean-Michel Basquiat. I chose these two because they are both kind of hard to understand but very interesting to look at. Cy Twombly’s Untitled [Rome] is a bit more chaotic than Jean-Michel Basuiat’s Obnoxious Liberals, but in a different way. Twombly’s piece looks like he threw everything onto the canvas and made it look chaotic and crazy with very little meaning. I’m sure there was a meaning to him, but it would be hard for an audience to tell what the meaning or significance of this piece is. I enjoyed looking at it because of the different textures and mediums that were used. He used oil paint, wax crayon, and lead pencil on canvas. There is so much to look at that is why I chose this piece. Compared to Twombly’s piece, there is a bit more order is Basquiat’s piece, yet his is still pretty chaotic as well. I was researching online what this piece meant and apparently it is a direct challenge to the world of rich art collectors that Basquiat had become immersed in. It made him uncomfortable being part of that world so he made this to show his feelings towards that side of the art world. This piece is supposed to represent capitalism and exploitation. I think he portrays it very well because I can tell that there is a definite message in his piece. Compared to Twombly’s piece, Basquiat’s is more orderly, though both are still pretty incoherent.

I think that both pieces are very interesting and are very different. Both reel you in and they both try to make you make sense of it. What I learned from this is that there does not need to sense and order in art.

I had a great time at the Broad! I definitely want to go back and show other people the amazing artwork there.

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Wk6 – Artist – Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, artist, portrait, himself, white background

If you have ever seen the Cambell’s Soup cans of various different colors then you have seen Andy Warhol’s work. Andy Warhol was the leading figure in the new art movement of Pop Art. Most of his works include iconic American objects and celebrities.I was never a big fan of his artwork nor did I do any research on him. After doing some research I found out that Warhol is a respectable artist that deserves the title of  the “god father of Pop Art.”

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Andy Warhol began his artistic career in New York as a magazine illustrator and advertising. It is evident in his artwork that he had a background in advertising because he uses such iconic items and people as his main point of his artwork and his artwork really catches your attention, something that advertisers try to do. Warhol loved celebrities so a lot of his pieces are of celebrities.

Andy Warhol used a variety of different mediums and media. He drew, sculpted, used audio, television, fashion, theater, performance art, photography, and films. He is definitely an impressive artist that influenced many other artists at that time.

Wk6 – Activity – Landscape with a Corpse

This week’s activity was Landscape with a Corpse…. by far the most… interesting… activity that we had, but I had a lot of fun with this activity.

My “death scene” was me getting stabbed by an evil spirit that I contacted through the ouija board. I know, I know… very unrealistic but the message that I was trying to tell was to not play around with the spirit realm because it is somewhere that we do not belong.

I did not wear fashionable clothes because I used fake blood and I did not want to ruin my good clothes. I was able to make fake blood using corn syrup, food coloring, and cornstarch. It looked really realistic! It was really fun making the blood and putting it all over my face and clothes.
Overall, I had a lot of fun with this activity but I did spook myself out a little. Just being outside, in the dark, with my ouija board scared me and staging my own death was terrifying.

Here’s a blooper pic