Wk12 – Artist – Mahsa Soroudi

by eunjoos


This week’s artist of the week is Mahsa Soroudi. I think this is the most different and unique artist of the week we have ever had. I would have never really thought that plants would be an art form. For Mahsa Soroudi, her plants and succulents are very significant for her.

Mahsa Soroudi was born in Tehran, Iran, the capital of Iran. Tehran is a city where art thrives. Mahsa was born surrounded by art, because he father was an artist and the city where she lived was filled with art and culture. People from all over the country go to Tehran in order to pursue art. She grew up traveling to different countries and living in different countries, so she has a very open mind set. Now she resides in California. She uses art to tell her stories and to show how much she has grown. Plants have a life cycle, very much like a human has, so it is easy to correlate her growth with a plant’s growth. In the interview that Mr. Zucman had with Soroudi, she speaks of her struggles and life. She shows a plant that had gone through a “drought.” It still lived and continued to grow, despite the fact that some of the branches grew kind of awkwardly, it persevered. She also wants to use her art to clear up some misunderstandings and stereotypes about her country. It is very obvious that America has some strong stereotypes and propaganda against Middle Eastern countries. Most of these stereotypes are women are victims and are treated inhumanely. Soroudi says that it is not true in most cases. She says that women are very capable and are going to college to get an education, much like women here. She wishes to clear these stereotypes.
Very much like succulent plants, she is strong and sturdy and continues to look for chances to grow and share her story using her art. I think that she is a very strong and brave person and I am glad to have her as our very last artist of the week.