Wk 12 – Extra Credit

by eunjoos

A.My favorite activities that we had this semester are:

  1. Graffiti Writing
  2. Art Museum Visit
  3. Landscapes with a Corpse

My favorite, by far was the Graffiti Writing activity. The activity paired with the Art Talk and Artist of the Week, was by far the best. The reason why I liked it so much was because it let me become more open minded about graffiti art. Before I did not really appreciate it as much as I did now, and actually going out and actually doing graffiti (and not vandalizing anything) was a lot of fun. I also really enjoyed the Art Museum Visit because I was able to meet up with a classmate and professor. I have always liked going to art museums to appreciate the pieces that artists make. I also enjoyed Landscapes with a Corpse because it is something that I would have never done in my life. It was fun imagining the scene of your “death” and making props, such as fake blood and an ouija board, to make you imagination come to life.

B.My least favorite activities that we had this semester are:

  1. Fiber Art Wall Hanging
  2. Instagram
  3. Plaster Casting

I didn’t hate these activities, I just didn’t find my pieces to be that successful or I was probably not that into it. I didn’t really enjoy the Fiber Art Wall Hanging activity because I was so busy that week; I couldn’t go to the store to purchase necessities that I had in mind for the project. As for the Instagram project, I just felt uncomfortable posting more than once a day. I was afraid that I might lose some followers (lol) for posting content that I normally would not post. I actually enjoyed the Plaster Casting activity but I felt like I would have liked it a lot more if I went to the beach with my friends and did it there instead of in a bucket.

C.I thought Slack was a lot more convenient and a lot more useful than BeachBoard. Discussions were easier to navigate and making your own post was very simple and easy to use. I preferred this because I used the Slack App on my mac as well as on my phone. It is also great to have it as a mobile app… just in case you totally forget that you had an art assignment and needed to do it right then and now… not like that happened to me or anything (it happened multiple times.. oops!)… 🙂

D. I thought that the Artist of the Week, Activities, and Art Talk were all very interesting and different. Most of the artists on the Artist OTW were people I have never heard of before, and it was really great getting research about them and seeing what inspires their art. There were many enjoyable activities that we were able to do that I may have never done if I hadn’t taken this class. The Art Talks were also very interesting. I think the best Artist OTW, Activities, and Art Talks were the ones where they were all connected with each other. For example, the graffiti writing activity also had an Artist OTW and Art Talk about graffiti. It was great doing the activity when we did research about the artists and artwork about it. One thing that I wish I was able to do was interact with the Art Talk organizing map that Mr. Zucman had in his videos. I wish I was able to click through some of them because the descriptions for some of the material was very short and concise. But other than that it was a great class that I enjoyed participating in during my summer.