Wk10 – Artist – Joseph DeLappe

by eunjoos


Joseph DeLappe is an Associate Professor at the University of Nevada where he runs the Digital Media Program. He works with video games and new media and his work has been featured all throughout the United States and Abroad.

His game based performative intervention “Dead-In-Iraq” was one of his pieces that stood out the most to me. In the game he was protesting by writing the names of those who died during the war in Iraq. In the recording of the online game the other players were confused and asked for an explanation of his actions. None of them really understand what he was trying to do or what he was saying. It was kind of sad really. They are playing a war game without knowing what really happens during a war. Soldiers die and their names are forgotten. It is truly honorable of Joseph DeLappe for doing a memorial for these soldiers.


This is a replication of the MQ1 predator drone. On the drone they wrote the names of three hundred and forty names of civilian casualties. Much like his “Dead-In-Iraq” piece he gives the names of those that died during a war. He attempts to humanize the way by giving the names instead of letting them just be a statistic. I find his work to be very honorable and he calls out to so many injustices in this world, especially with war and casualties.

I work by the Veterans Hospital and there are so many homeless veterans it is sad and ridiculous. It is ridiculous how this country treats those who have risked their lives for this country. It is ridiculous how they end up homeless without a penny to their name. America treats their veterans in such a shameful way. I am glad that DeLappe speaks out against this in his art. It truly is shameful and I’m glad his art speaks out against this.