Wk10 – Activity – Art Care Package

by eunjoos

For my Art Care Package I gave it to my best friend Christina. I decided to give it to her because we have been through so much together and we are always at each other’s side. We actually survived a major car accident this week so that is what I was mainly thinking about when I was making this for her.

FullSizeRender 10

I enjoyed making this care package; it was a heart-warming experience making something with only one person in mind. All of the items here were made with some sort of meaning behind it.

Sending an ACP is similar to sending a snapchat in a sense because you are sending a picture to one person probably because it’s funny or you thought of them. It’s different because it takes a lot longer to make as well as to send. Snapchat is instantaneous while the time to make and send an ACP takes a great amount of time. Because it takes a greater amount of time making an ACP, there is more sentimental value in it than a Snapchat. With technology taking over the world and the convenience  it has given us, having things being sent instantly is better. People get things right then and now and it is just a lot more convenient for both parties, however, you lose the sense of effort that comes with taking the time to make and send something special to someone. I also feel like there is more love behind the ACP than in a Snapchat… especially for me. All I do on Snapchat is send stupid derpy pictures to my friends and get some in return. For me there is no real substance. The ACP I made for my friend was made with love and meaning.
Ephemera, depending on what kind of item, can be trash or treasure. For example, a concert ticket or plane ticket is trash, but the items or pictures taken at the concert or vacation are treasures. I was never really the sentimental type so little things like that I would just throw away. I seldom even take pictures or buy postcards, I usually just remember the moments right then and there.
Art seen at a museum versus the art that would be seen in an Art Care Package is very different. Art seen at a museum is trying to appeal to large variety of people and audiences. People would try to make sense of the art and have their own interpretations of what the artist was trying to portray. Art in an ACP is usually sent to one person, and the meaning behind the art would be understandable just upon viewing it. The art from the Art Care Package would have a huge meaning for the person that it is for but would have little to no meaning for a greater audience.