Wk9 – Artist – Guy Tang & Kat Von D

by eunjoos


Guy Tang is a Los Angeles based celebrity hair stylist. With over one million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Guy Tang is dominating the celebrity hair stylist industry right now. I knew about Guy Tang before this artist of the week because he is so popular is the beauty and makeup world. I was always in love with his creations and how well he can transforms someones look just by dying and cutting their hair.

Dying hair is a long, grueling process that can take hours and even days to complete. It takes a lot of time and effort to get a desired look or color. Guy Tang knows how to make hair look beautiful and effortless.

Here are some examples of his work. Looks effortless doesn’t it? It probably took hours to get this look because, especially with dark hair, they often have to bleach their hair more than once.. sometimes even three or four times to get that platinum or white hair. And a hairstyle like this most likely costs over $400!
Extremely jealous of his current clients! He doesn’t take any new clients at the moment. He most likely gets millions of people asking him to do their hair, and you probably need to be put on a waiting list or something, I imagine that his schedule must be packed.
It goes to show you how powerful social media is, especially since he rose to fame using it.


Kat Von D is an American tattoo artist as well as model and entrepreneur. I was familiar with her name because I always saw her makeup brand at sephora and actually bought some of her products but I did not know that she was actually a tattoo artist. She amassed her fame through being on tv shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink.


Here is a tattoo that Kat Von D did on Jeffree Star, a famous internet star. He has his own makeup brand and is also a singer (something I just learned while researching). It is funny that this week’s artist of the week included Kat Von D because there is some social media beef between Kat Von D and Jeffree Star.

Anywho, I did not know that Kat Von D was a talented tattoo artist, I can’t imagine how long it would take to create pieces of arts on people’s bodies with just a needle and ink. It is very impressive, especially shading and giving things a 3D look to it.


This week’s artist of the week was very interesting. I never really thought of Guy Tang and Kat Von D as “artists,” but after researching and thinking about it, they are very much artists. Guy Tang transforms someone’s hair for a temporary time, and Kat Von D does tattoos that will stay with someone for a life time.