Wk8 – Artist -Garry Winogrand

by eunjoos

garry-winograndThis week’s artist of the week I focused on Garry Winogrand because he captured some memorable and famous photographs. He was a photographer that mainly took pictures in the New York area. He began his photography career as a freelance photo journalist. His pieces ended up being in the Museum of Modern Art.
I’ll be sharing some of his photographs that stood out and intrigued me.



I really liked this photograph by Winogrand because the woman he made the main subject. You can see the hustle and bustle life of New York city (I am guessing that that is where this photo is taken). This photo was part of his Women are Beautiful collection. She is wearing something fashionable and walking around the streets of New York, something I would want to do.

This is a photograph of the ever so famous Marilyn Monroe during the shooting of the Seven Year Itch. This is a really fun photograph that is very memorable especially since she was so big and popular during her time.


This is my favorite picture by Winogrand. This picture was taken in Los Angeles. I like how she is not looking at the camera and the wind is blowing her hair in the opposite direction. She looks very mysterious and modelesque.

These are only a few photographs by Garry Winogrand. He truly is an amazing photographer that captures emotions, feeling, and situations. He captured the life of the city, happiness and stress. His style of photography is an inspiration to many street photographers today.