Wk7 – Artist – Janet Cardiff

by eunjoos

Janet Cardiff is an artist that mainly uses sound and audio as her main art form. I thought that was so interesting because they only way I thought art was shown through audio was music. The way she uses audio and sound is very different and something I would never think of.

When researching her on the internet I found a lot of audio walks and pieces that she has made.
I enjoyed FOREST.

This is a six minute excerpt of the twenty-eight minute audio installation. I really enjoyed this audio installation because if you close your eyes you really do feel like you are in a forest. You feel like you are surrounded my wildlife and trees. It does sound a little creepy, especially with the laughter in the background, but this is a really great audio installation. I am going to be honest here and say I was a little… I guess you can say.. close minded? I did not understand how this could be an art form, but after watching these videos and listening to her audio installations I found out you can really immerse yourselves into her pieces. She lets you become a part of her journey as in this audio walk.

I really enjoyed this audio walk because Janet made it very personal. She was taking you around this train station and giving little pieces of herself along with it. She talked about how she liked that red coat and how trains have always frightened her. Her voice very mellow and soothing and they way she talks to you makes you feel very comfortable, and the sounds that are in the walk through are very fitting. Every single sound in that walk through felt like it belonged there. It is amazing how many details she has added in this walk through. She added the footsteps, the turning of the pages in the book, the old man talking, and the trains passing by. She puts a tremendous amount of work and effort into her audio installations and walk throughs it is amazing.

The Forty Part Motet is another audio installation that also wowed me. There are forty different singers on forty different channels reproduced on forty different speakers. It sounds very angelic as a whole, but when you listen to them individually it sounds very fragile and human. I would love to experience this audio installation in person. It sounds very heavenly and beautiful.

I came into researching Janet Cardiff very close minded, but after looking at her work and realizing how much time and effort is put into her work I found that I really enjoy and appreciate her art. She is one of my favorite artists of the week because her work really does effect you emotionally. I never thought that audio installations would have a huge impact on me, but her work is seriously very intriguing. I am glad that she was our artist of the week because it was really interesting learning about her.