Wk7 – Activity – Art Museum

by eunjoos

This week’s activity was going to an Art Museum. I have been to many art museums all around the world and I really enjoy observing and appreciating artworks. For this activity I went to the Broad Museum in Downtown LA. I got to meet up our professor and Layla! I wish more ART 110 students came but I understand that a lot of people are busy this summer. We went on a Wednesday so the stand-by line was not horrific like it would be on the weekends. We got in within an hour it was not that bad.

I saw a lot of pieces that intrigued me, but for the sake of this assignment, I am only go to compare two different art pieces.

I’m going to be comparing Cy Twombly’s Untitled [Rome] and Jean-Michel Basquiat. I chose these two because they are both kind of hard to understand but very interesting to look at. Cy Twombly’s Untitled [Rome] is a bit more chaotic than Jean-Michel Basuiat’s Obnoxious Liberals, but in a different way. Twombly’s piece looks like he threw everything onto the canvas and made it look chaotic and crazy with very little meaning. I’m sure there was a meaning to him, but it would be hard for an audience to tell what the meaning or significance of this piece is. I enjoyed looking at it because of the different textures and mediums that were used. He used oil paint, wax crayon, and lead pencil on canvas. There is so much to look at that is why I chose this piece. Compared to Twombly’s piece, there is a bit more order is Basquiat’s piece, yet his is still pretty chaotic as well. I was researching online what this piece meant and apparently it is a direct challenge to the world of rich art collectors that Basquiat had become immersed in. It made him uncomfortable being part of that world so he made this to show his feelings towards that side of the art world. This piece is supposed to represent capitalism and exploitation. I think he portrays it very well because I can tell that there is a definite message in his piece. Compared to Twombly’s piece, Basquiat’s is more orderly, though both are still pretty incoherent.

I think that both pieces are very interesting and are very different. Both reel you in and they both try to make you make sense of it. What I learned from this is that there does not need to sense and order in art.

I had a great time at the Broad! I definitely want to go back and show other people the amazing artwork there.

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