Wk5 – Activity – Instagram

by eunjoos

So for this week’s activity we had to post pictures on instagram throughout the day on June 23.


This was the first picture I took. I like to sketch in the morning like right when I wake up, and I really love Game of Thrones so I posted this picture as my first picture.


For lunch I had JaJangMyeon, which is like a Korean styled Chinese dish. It is a dish that I have been eating ever since I was a little kid, and it is still my favorite.


Before work I tried this place out called Yago Juice, because one of my friends told me about it. The workers there are so nice and talkative. They gave me a free açai bowl! I could not be happier!


This picture I took at work because I always work on Thursday nights. I am a barista at the café I work at and a lot of people ask me to do latte art. This was one of my attempts on latte/cappuccino art that day. I am still not that good yet but I am trying to practice every time I work (even if my boss doesn’t really want me to).

For me, this activity was a struggle because I am one of those people who limits one photo per day, and even then I usually only post one photo per week. I am not the type of person who likes to take pictures of everything (like my sister), but this activity was enjoyable. It was fun sharing my activities throughout the day.

When I looked through the #art110su16 tag, the number one connection that everyone had was food. Food is such an important part of people’s day, of course they have to share it! I would also like to say that there are such talented photographers in our class. I enjoyed looking at pictures of the beach and other pretty sights. I wish I was able to take pictures like that but I had a schedule to follow such as work and other responsibilities. In regards to Kelly Schwartz, I disagree, you don’t need to just go outside and enjoy nature to have a fun time. I mean yes, going outside and enjoying nature is great, but you can also have a fun time enjoying food and socializing with friends. The statement “people need to get out more” is premature especially since these pictures only gives us only one day of their lives.
Anyways, I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s pictures! I hope everyone had as much fun as I had. 🙂