Wk2 – Activity – Automatic Drawing

by eunjoos

This week’s art activity was the Automatic Drawing! I really enjoyed this activity because I was able to do it with my friends.

I ended up doing an automatic drawing twice with two of my friends to see the difference it would make.

Don’t mind the ouija board. 

My first Automatic Drawing was with my friend Eleine:

The final piece:


Lisa & Eleine

My second Automatic Drawing with my friend Christina:

The final piece:


Lisa & Christina

After viewing the final pieces of both Eleine’s and Christina’s you can see the slight differences in them.
The first automatic drawing is more evenly distributed and more fluid than the second one. The second one is a bit more chaotic and there is more activity in the middle. I feel like it shows the relationships I have with Eleine and Christina. Christina is crazy so I get why our drawing is much more chaotic LOL!
We did not have any trouble creating these drawings, but it definitely was hard not to laugh. The pencil glided on the paper without a thought and it did not feel like either one of us was the one trying to take control.

I really enjoyed this week’s activity. It felt very spiritual and it was a great bonding activity. I am looking forward to our next activity.