Wk1 – Activity – Plaster Casting

by eunjoos

Hello everyone!
So for this week’s activity we had to make a hand plaster at the beach… unfortunately I could not go to the beach because I had a super busy week with summer school and work and I also got my wisdom teeth removed… Ouch!

So, instead of going to the beach I just bought some sand and plaster and used buckets to make my hand mold.

Here’s all my supplies:


I had two buckets, one for the sand and one for mixing the plaster with water. I poured the sand into the bucket and added a little bit more water to it.


I tried to dig a hole deep enough, but I don’t think I quite did that.


Poured that baby in!


An easy way to pass time LOL


And this was my final result!

This activity was pretty easy and did not take as long as I expected. I feel like it would definitely be more fun if I was at the beach with friends, but my face looks really weird from having teeth ripped out of my skull.
It was different than I expected it to look like though… I think I should have digged a deeper hole for my hand.. oh well.. still looks like a hand!
This activity inspires me to do more three-dimensional art. I have only done two-dimensional art like drawing and painting, so doing activities like this would be very different for me.
ANYWAYS, this was a great first week activity and I am looking forward to next week’s activity!

-Lisa Bernhauser